Peugeot 108 Active

by Stephen de Vries 1,456 views0

With affordable cars usually lacking in features, the Peugeot 108 has come to prove us wrong, or has it?

While no doubt that the 108 is aimed to be a city car and not much more, there is something cool about this little Frenchie, when compared to the like of the Go and Kwid.

On the outside, its just another small car and rightfully so. While it appears to be in 5 door trim, in reality, this should have been a little 3 door. There is little to no space for rear occupants, but driver and passenger seemed to have the adequate amount available. I had no problem getting my near 2m frame behind the wheel. Don’t get me wrong, this wont be my 1st choice on a long road trip, but it certainly wouldn’t be the worst.

It has a few nice features too, with a decent spec infotainment that features Android Auto and Apple Car Play, good steering wheel controls, and then also magically, they managed to fit 6airbags in there. Isofix mounting points are also standard.

The engine is a 1.0l 3cylinder making a relatively industry-standard 53kw and is pretty smooth, but will all little 3 cylinders, you need to give it a little bit of go, to go anywhere. Thankfully, the low kerb weight of only 840kg, makes it feel nippier than it should be. Overall consumption is around the mid 5l/ 100km which I seem to think is acceptable.  The drive feels planted for such a light car and feels years ahead in terms of quality, when compared to something like the Datsun Go, which is a tad pricier. The 5 speed shifts smoothly and the clutch is light, perfect yet again for the city commute.

Overall space in the rear of the car is probably more suited to children and the small load area of 196l is tiny by segment comparison. However, split the seats and this jumps up to 780l.

The 108 looks and feels funky, and while sharing the platform with the Aygo, it offers way more tech and interior features. The 108 also comes with a 5 year 100 000km warranty and a 5 year 100 000km service plan.  The Peugeot 108 offers immense value for money if you can live with the lack of space in the rear.

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