Opel Astra GTC

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2 Door hatches are sporty looking cars. No matter which way you look at it, 2 doors have always implied something a little out of the norm when comparing it to their 4 door counterparts. I remember the 1.6GSE Kadette back in the day and then the sportier versioned 2 door Kadette Boss.  The 2 door had a bigger road presence and instantly had more respect.

Astra GTC


The new Astra GTC is a beautiful car from any angle. The sharp nose and those gorgeous hawk-like headlights compliment the front so nicely. It’s a great blend between sportiness and an executive feel. The lines keep flowing all the way to the rear, meeting up with chunky 18inch wheels and an equally aggressive rear end with a sort of ducktail rear boot spoiler. It’s like the head of the Astra design team went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the car. It just looks awesome; there is no other way to describe it.

The interior which, as expected, is pretty much signature Opel, but is also pretty good with higher than normal quality parts used, or at least it feels like it. The heated front seats and the leather steering wheel just suits me perfectly and for a coupe, there is plenty of space in the front – almost too much to be honest.  The car features a red ambient night light setup which at night gives the car a nice a warm feeling. If you ever feel cold, no problem, the dual climate control will take perfectly good care of you.  Soft touch dashboard looks great and as said before, the cabin is a huge improvement over the previous generation and is enough reason for me to would want to upgrade.

Astra GTC Interior

The engine is a 1.6l 16v Ecotech mill with a turbo charger that produces 132kw. That’s 10kw down from the far sportier Corsa OPC we reviewed a couple of months ago. Acceleration is pretty brisk and while the car is not earth-shatteringly quick, it makes for some decent pace.  It also puts out a relatively low 162 g/km c02 emissions.  0-100km/h comes up in 8.8seconds and will run onto a claimed 220kph. The sports chassis, comprising of Mcpherson struts in the front and watts link rears, give the car a good sense of road holding and feels very neutral in the bends.  The 235/50/18inch tires fill the arches nicely and give the car good ride quality. The profile is not too low where most of the road noise enters the cabin and the Astra is a pretty quiet car on the highway.

Boot space is probably a little on the small size at only 380l however, in its defense, there is a false floor and with that partitioning removed, I would guess that it comes up to around 420l. There is a space saver rear spare wheel though.

Astra GTC bootspace

The Astra GTC averaged about 9.5l/100km with our combined driving cycles and with a 56l fuel tank, it gives you a range of around 600km depending on how you drive.

The infotainement system features 7 speakers with an AUX and USB in. There is also Bluetooth support that’s works fabulously and it will even read your phone book details off your phone without having to download it to the vehicle. That was something that I really appreciated. Operations are also very simple and straight forward. The on-board computer also displays the norm, such as your average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and estimated range. Cruise control is standard, as well as rear park assist, auto headlights and auto wipers.

Astra GTC entertainment


In conclusion, the Astra GTC 1.6 makes a very good case. Good performance and good luxury features and for the young executives, this is a very good choice. It’s not too boy-racer and it’s not too flashy. It just shows that you have good style.


The GTC retails at R304 000 and features Opels 90 000km service plan and their 5 year /120 000km warranty and roadside assist.


For more info, check out Opel.co.za


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