MY14 Renault Megane GT Line – First Drive

by Stephen de Vries 1,933 views0

The new facelift Renault Megane is here with an introduction of 3 new models. The 81kw Dynamique, the GT Line Turbo with 97kw, and the range topper; the GT Turbo, which we had our hands on this time around, sporting a lovely 162kw.

The 81kw engine is carried over from the previous generation, but we have a completely new 1.2l 4 cylinder pushing out an impressive 97kw with 205nm and an over boost function in 2nd and 3rd gear that will up the torque to 225nm for 20 seconds. The torque is available from as low as 2000rpm and will also sustain itself through to 3500rpm, which Renault claims is where the most people drive their vehicles on a day to day basis.

On the outside, there is a completely new front GT bumper with LED daylight driving lamps and also a lovely GT rear bumper with diffuser. The GT Line 1.2 also features unique GT line alloys.  On the inside you have a vastly restyled interior with sport alu pedals.  There is also an onboard GPS, which is standard with TOM TOM navigation and live services.  On the safety side, you have traction control with ABS and Braking Assist, the GT Line also features 6 airbags.

Driving the 1.2 is just like driving any other sporty Megane. The biggest surprise on the little motor is the willingness in the first 3 or so gears; it has a good amount of grunt and you would not think it’s a 1.2. The gearing is fairly tall, so 5th and 6th are more like overdrives and this also means fuel consumption on the open road will be low. Renault claims 5.4l/100km for their 1.2 GT Line Turbo. The 1.2l Turbo engine also puts out a lowish 124g/C02 reading.

So, what do you do if you want really want an RS Megane, but can’t live with the sporty suspension on a day to day basis? The option is simple now; you buy the Renault Megane GT Turbo. The new model features the same engine as the Megane RS but is slightly detuned, running a lower amount of turbo boost, but still pushing out a healthy 162kw and 340nm, compared to the 185kw and 360nm of the Megane RS.  The suspension has also been tuned to provide more comfort, but still feels sporty. It’s not nearly as sporty as the RS Megane Cup.  In a plain simple sentence; it’s a well-balanced sports hatch.

The interior is nearly identical to the GT Line 1.2, with the addition of sportier cloth seats.  It’s roomy and rather spacious and fitted my tall frame perfectly.

The GT Turbo is extremely responsive, easy to drive and very willing to overtake. In fact, the GT Turbo and the RS Megane sound exactly the same under hard acceleration. It’s a rather nice sound, I need to add.  The claimed combined fuel consumption is an impressive 7.3l/100km and produces 169g/co2. (The Megane Rs Trophy produces 174g/c02).

The GT Turbo rides on specific 18” GT alloys and those are fitted with the exact same tires from the RS Megane. This proves to us that Renault has not skimped out on the driving characteristics. It’s still meant to be driven like every other sporty Megane and it needs to be safe and reward the driver with great handling. All of the press cars were fitted with optional 2 tone leather seats and also metallic paint. In addition, a panoramic glass roof is available, but optionally, of course.


Every GT Line Megane comes standard with a 5 year / 150 000km warranty and a 5 year / 90 000km service plan. A 6 year anti corrosion plan is also included. Services are every 15 000km for the 81kw 1.4 and 1.2 Turbo. The GT Turbo is scheduled for every 10 000km.


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