Mercedes-Benz S Coupe 63 AMG

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Mercedes Benz S Coupe 63 AMG

When you’re in the position to consider looking at a 2.5million Rand car, you are at the top of your game. No matter what you do, you know what you are doing and know what you want.  If spending this kind of money floats your boat, the S Coupe 63 AMG is right up your alley.


That’s if you alley is big enough and your 6 car garage still has space. If it does not, it’s simple, sell something and make space.  It’s also not uncommon for these owners to have a few cars, yet their Mercedes-Benz has the most km on the clock. It’s not hard to see why, once you get to properly sample the sheer brilliance of the S Coupe 63 AMG.


Under the hood is a 5.5l Bi-Turbo, hand-built master piece producing a tarmac-tearing 430kw and 900nm of torque. Yes, this is enough to have the 2 ton monstrosity get to 100kph in about 4.3seconds, without a huff or a puff. Anything you ask of it, it does and effortlessly and without any doubt.  The power is sent to rear wheels via an ultra-smooth 7 speed MCT transmission. Up shifts (and downshifts) are smooth and you hardly notice the gear changes when driving one of its 3 shifting modes, with the exception of Sport, when she really gets going. The body is controlled by the very intuitive AMG sports suspension called ‘Magic Body Control’ and it’s a highly intelligent system that reads the road with its stereoscopic cameras, combining that with GPS data and sets up the suspension and damping according to those readings. You can override the overall damping feel by selecting AMG Sports or AMG Curve, which will actually produce a lean like sensation into faster swooping bends.  The whole point of the system is to minimise or eliminate body roll and, as you can imagine, a car weighing in at 2 tons combined with lateral G-forces, can easily succumb to that. The system works brilliantly and it’s nearly unbelievable to think that something this size is capable of handling as well as it does.  It’s still not a car that I would take to the track as there are better cars for that (AMG GT).


The fuel consumption figures came out surprising, with an overall consumption at about 15l/100km with a best at 10.2l/100km. Not that fuel consumption would be any concern; I was just surprised that a 430kw monster like this could be very efficient, if needed.

The S-Coupe was designed by Gorden Wagener and his designs have been duly noted over the last 5 years in the new cars like the new C, CLS, S and the AMG GT.  The S Coupe clearly has some AMG GT lines running through it and it even reminds me of the SEC from the early 90s. There is just something about the pillar-less windows and the big star on the grille.  Our test car was also fitted with the optional Swarovski crystal headlights, a carbon pack, which included carbon inserts on the front bumper and diffuser as well as the side sills, complete carbon mirrors and a carbon rear apron which housed those beautiful square AMG tailpipes.  The 10 spoke AMG forged 19” wheels run 285 40’s in the back and 255’s in the front.


On the inside, things get a little insane. I have never ever seen an interior quite as beautiful as this. The floating dash covered in Nappa leather, combined with the extra comfortable wingback seats, which like the S class, feature 5 message settings, heated, cooling and inflatable side bolsters. The rear of the car is a little cramped and, while smaller people should fit without trouble, it’s really not intended as a “cart your kids to school” vehicle.  The dual TFT monitors, which house the speedo and the infotainment system, are easy to navigate and also feature a track pad mounted on the centre console. While I did sample it once or twice, I found using the usual navigation method with the centre stick a little easier and friendlier to me as I am use to it.  There is also a heads-up display on the dash as well as a night vision that detects pedestrians and animals at night. The intelligent lights will also auto dim, bright and move the lighting according to the road.  The optional Burmester sound is exquisite and while it is expensive, no S Coupe should ever be ordered without it. You simply cannot fathom the ultra-crisp sound quality that exudes from this vehicle. Things like USB, DVD, Bluetooth are all standard as expected.


Driving the beautiful S Coupe around caused havoc in traffic as people stared, glared and envied it from afar.  I even had people snap photos in parking lots.  This is a seriously good looking vehicle that one has to see and drive to appreciate (for its price tag, at least).


It’s extremely difficult to explain just how good this vehicle really is. Sure, there are rivals from BMW, Maserati and Bentley, but the Benz costs less, is by far more technologically advanced and has beautiful lines that won’t simply age and outdate within 2 years.  I’ll be hard pressed to say that cars don’t really get much better than this.


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