Mahindra XUV500 W10

by Stephen de Vries 6,706 views0

Forget any opinion you have heard about Mahindra. The latest XUV has been dramatically refined and the cabin quality has been improved by the Indian automaker.

The W10 model on test is the top of the range and features a host of (lekkker} features like push button start, electric seats, navigation, tire pressure monitors and even a sunroof. The interior is spacious and will fit 7 adults easy with actual legroom in the 3rd row.

The engine is still the ultra reliable 2.2crd which makes a 103kw and 330nm, mated to a 6 speed auto with hill hold. Overall the engine and gearbox response and kick down at speeds around 100kph can be a little frustrating, but it does well to use its torque to overtake. One thing I can praise it for, is its fuel economy. If you drive carefully, 15km/l can be attained, but combined saw it ending at 12km/l.

The monocoque chassis is a little unconventional to that in the segment, but it does ride more car like than a SUV, but you still have an enormous amount of bodyroll in the bends, which is to be expected with such a high centre of gravity. Off the tar, the XUV really accells and has a very comfortable ride thanks to a newly designed rear suspension.

The interior on this W10 model is full leather and you get an upmarket feel. There are some things I’d like to comment on though. The passenger seat had a few occupants mentiontioning that they are sitting too high for their liking.

On the outside, the XUV looks much larger than it actually is and is often compared with the likes of the Fortuner and Everest, but in theory, it should be compared to the other softroaders like the Xtrail, Forester and Tiguan. This is where the XUV500 really dominates on price. It offers a lot of value and is a very good car for what it is.  For the money there is very little that offers this value and if you would like to save some more, consider the W8 dirivative.

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