Jaguar XF 2.2 D Premium Luxury

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Jaguar XF Diesel Premium Luxury

Wood grain and leather – that’s all you see! Alright, there is a very nice aluminium insert that tilts up and down when you activate the climate control system, but hey, the Jaguar XF Premium Luxury’s interior is a seriously nice place to be!

Think back 15 years. Jaguar was nowhere to be found. At least not on our roads, that’s for sure. The British automaker has seriously upped their game and the XF is a prime example of that. The front-end of the car, including those seriously nice day time running lamps, sort of mimics that of a predator coming to attack you from behind. Even just from the front, the XF looks seriously fast.  It’s no wonder everybody pulled over to the yellow line when I was approaching from the rear. But enough about that; let me get back to the car and its driving impressions.


The interior is filled with leather, and lots of it. There is a brushed aluminium insert that runs straight across the front of the dash and it really gives it a nice balance of luxury and sportiness. The wood grain is a nice touch, but some of the younger demographic may think it’s a little old school and therefor, Jaguar has given you the opportunity to spec your interior your own personal way. It’s really a nice touch, after all, you are paying for it.

The 2.2 diesel mill is a lively one. It produces 450nm of torque and 140kw which is mated to an 8 speed automatic gearbox with steering shifters. It really pulls this body around like a freight train and the best part of it is that it’s super economical. At some parts we saw under 6l/100km, but on average, after about 1200km travelled, we settled in at about 7.2l/100km.  0-100km/h comes up in 8.5seconds and it will run on to 225kph according to the spec sheet. I personally think it will go a little faster but we did not do any top-end runs with the vehicle.  The 2.2 puts out a relatively low 149 Carbon dioxide emissions.  To give you an idea, the 3.0 petrol model churns out 249 of them. Shame on you for thinking diesels are dirty, polluting cars! The tank capacity is a 69liters and this should give you a range of around 1000km per tank, if you drive with fuel economy in mind. We got around 800km, but we weren’t aiming for any milestones.

Jaguar claims that this 2.2D is their most fuel efficient engine to date and I can see that if you take it slowly, sort of at freeway speed if you know what I mean, then you will return claimed economy figures or even sometimes better. I find it really hard to drive the freeway speeds on the open roads, especially with such a lovely car. Face it, you don’t even feel the speed you are travelling and often you have to remind yourself that you are going a little too fast.  The suspension is stiff and our car, which looked absolutely gorgeous with the optional 19inch wheels, had a little bit of a sporty ride for such a saloon car. I was not complaining however as it turned in quite nicely and never felt dull or boring when we went through a couple of mountain passes.

The premium luxury is all about that, yes you guessed it, luxury. Hit the pulsing start/stop button and you are greeted by the air vents and gear selector popping up. The XF is also fitted with dual climate control and dual seat warmers. The front seats are both electronically adjustable, but I was a little disappointed that there is no lumbar support for the driver. Not that I needed it, I would have just liked it… see, I need to nit-pic a little, but other than that, the interior really is well made and very comfortable.

The multimedia unit is fairly intuitive and very easy to figure out. It supports Bluetooth, USB and IPod devices and will even let you record your CD’s onto a fixed hard disk for you to listen to at a later stage. It will also play DVD’s, but only to your passengers, via its duel screen system that is also found in the Range Rovers.  The Premium Audio package really sounds fantastic!  The speakers play crystal clear and you also have a subwoofer located in the trunk of the car. Nothing is overpowering, it just simply sounds superb. It might take you a while to figure it all out, but you will get it under the knee, in some time.

The XF is a superb car. I can’t see how ordering the base spec model could disappoint you. The premium luxury has all the nice extras, but in all honesty, the base car is really brilliant and for R466 100 for the base model and R538 200 for the premium luxury tested here, it makes a huge statement against the Germans and a worthy alternative!  You either love it or hate it, we are totally besotted over it!


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