Hyundai Veloster Turbo

by Stephen de Vries 1,623 views0

The Veloster has always been a cool and quirky looking car. It’s a bit of an odd ball really when you look at it. With one long door on the driver side, and 2 on the passenger side, its throws most people off, most of the time.  It’s really one of those cars that’s so unique looking, it will probably still look good in 10 years’ time.


The interior of the Veloster is full leather with silver accents theming the cabin. The seats are well bolstered and very comfortable. Hyundai has come a long way over the years and their dash layout has become rather exciting.  The centre console features a touch screen multimedia unit (like found on the non-turbo model) but it seems that the sound has been upgraded and sounds pretty good in the audio department.  The operational buttons on the dash also feel of good quality. The climate control could be a little tighter, but I’m just nit-picking.


The storage space in the cabin is also nothing short of impressive with full size bottle pockets in the doors, a nice deep cubby in front of the gear shifter, 2 cup holders in the centre and a deep centre armrest cubby that will probably fit a puppy.


The rear space is fairly decent if you consider that this is really supposed to be a coupe. The head room is a little on the tighter side for the taller passengers, however. The rear bench only accommodates 2 passengers though so, in reality, this is a 4 seater.  The boot space is also very impressive for this segment. The rear seats flip in a 60:40 split.


At the heart of the Veloster Turbo is a 1600 Double overhead cam Turbo charged engine, making a healthy 150kw and 265nm. This gets the Veloster going from 0-100 in about 7 seconds.  The power is delivered rather late in the power band and will often require you to rev it out to make use of that full 150kw. Torque is available from as early as 1750rpm and will taper off around 5000rpm.  The ride is fun and sporty with a racy intake noise coming from the front.  It really is fun to drive and sometimes feels like there is a little bit more on tap than the claimed 150kw.


While the Veloster looks great, drives well and performs on par with its segment, I can’t help but feel that it’s a few years too late to really be competitive in this segment. After all, there is strong competition coming from the likes of the VW, Ford and Renault stables respectively. Most of them are more expensive, but they have been established for a longer period, cementing a loyal following and fan base. However, there is nothing wrong with being the new kid on the block and that is exactly what the Veloster Turbo has achieved.


Price as tested : R387 400