Hyundai Tucson 1.6T Elite (2018)

by Stephen de Vries 1,783 views0

The Hyundai Tucson has always been one of the brands strongest sellers in the segment and offered buyers a lot of value for the money. The new facelift Tucson has a few new tricks up its sleeve.

We’ve always raved about the outgoing model, but the new car really has upped its game and now offers, even more, when it comes to full out spec, especially in the Elite model we had on test.
The 1.6 Turbo still makes a very decent 130kw and pulls strong from a stop. It actually feels much closer to 150-160kw when you punch it off the line as it has a bit of torque steer and a traction control that nannies you all the way through first and a bit of second gear. It’s only when you get up to speed where you feel that the power feels more realistic. The 7 speed DSG gearbox really makes light work and is geared near perfectly in the Tucson.

My biggest gripe with small engine turbo-charged vehicles when they are used in the SUV like application, is that they tend to be less fuel efficient and this makes a big impact, especially when there are diesel derivatives available in the range. I’m happy to report that a 500km range is pretty normal and average economy is around the 9l/100km, which is pretty decent all things considered. Overall the diesel range should be about 2l/100km lighter on the go-go juice.

The facelifted Tuscon now looks bolder than ever, with wider lines, new LED (AMAZING) headlights, bigger grill, and reworked front, rear bumpers, and tail lights. The 19inch alloys on our elite model also just adds flair to the sportiness.

The interior has also been redesigned and now feels much more upmarket. The soft-touch upper dash is welcomed as well as a new infotainment unit that now features Apple Car Play and Android Auto. This really does bring added functionality to the multimedia side of things.

On the safety front, Hyundai has been up there with the best, with ISOfix in the rear, 6 Airbags, ABS, EBD, and naturally traction and stability control.

The Tucson has a fully independent suspension setup and actually handles pretty well for a vehicle with a sort of sporty theme. Sure its no rocket, but it has enough on tap to give you a smile every now and then.

One of the biggest upgrades to this new model is the lights. The LED setup is really that good and on par, if not better than cars costing more than double. They’ve done really well in getting the light projection spot on. It really turns night into day.

The New Tucson 1.6 T Elite at the time of writing has a sticker price of just under 570k and while it seems a little steep, it really does offer a lot of extra little features that you soon learn to love.


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