Hyundai H1 Panel Van

by Stephen de Vries 4,726 views0

I don’t think that I would ever be in the market for a commercial type of vehicle. You might feel the same but I guess one day, things change and you find yourself as an owner of a business, ready to move some goods.

The Hyundai H1 Panel van is just one of the many options available to us in South Africa and it’s based on its popular passenger derivative, the H1 Multi cab.


The interior while being minimalistic gets the job done.  The necessities are there, though, so expect things like cruise control, air-conditioning, and an aftermarket front loader / USB player. You will also find a host of little small compartments and 2 cubbyholes.  The front seats are in a bench like format, with the centre seat featuring backrest that declines into an armrest with cup holders and a perfect place for papers or the odd magazine.  The front of the cab is separated from the load bay with a metal-like shell which also has a window. The window is however fixed and can’t slide or open. The divider can be removed with a few bolts, should the need arise.


The highlight of the H1, in my opinion, Is the brilliant engine. The 125kw 2.5 VGTI diesel makes a mammoth 441nm from as little as 2000rpm. Its mated to a fairly conventional 5-speed automatic gearbox and sends its power to the rear wheels. The lack of traction control means that with an empty load, it’s very easy to lose traction on the rear wheels.  Speaking of load, the maximum permission rear axle mass is rated at 1890kg and the overall vehicle mass is 3040kg.


Access to the cargo area is either via the barn door type rear doors or the two sliding side doors. There are also fixed anchor points on the body, to tie cargo down.


The H1 Panel van comes standard with a 5 year 90 000km service plan and a 5 year 150 000km warranty. There is also an extended 2 year 50 000km powertrain warranty available.

While nobody really wants to drive a panel van for a daily drive, there are far worse panel vans to drive around with. The H1 panel van offers good value at R459 900 and remember, you claim tax back on that too.