Honda CRV 2.0 Comfort

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Honda Crv comfort


Entry level model cars are usually not every ones cup of tea. After all, why would you not want the luxuries and features of a higher-end specced car? Well sometimes you are just lucky enough that the entry level has most of those features already included.

The Honda CRV 2.0 Comfort is the CRV range’s cheapest option at R309 000. I was really impressed for what they include in that deal. There is the usual array of electronics, from electric mirrors to electric windows, cruise control and even standard front and rear park sensors. Headlights are manually adjustable for height and then there are those added fog lights, too.

The comfort model is fitted with Honda’s 2.0 16v Ivtec engine, producing 110kw and 192nm of torque. While it’s not the fastest compact utility vehicle, it sure is comfortable and I can see why it is so popular on our roads. The 0-100 figures are claimed at 10.2seconds and its not bad for a vehicle with a small, but rather underpowered engine. Once up to speed, the vehicle comes into its own and average fuel economy is about 9.5l/100km in mixed driving conditions.

Interior space is pretty impressive and it’s deceivingly big in the rear passenger area of the vehicle. While the seats are adjustable, they also maintain a large piece of the luggage area; 513 liters to be exact. This is measured only to window height, so who knows what else you could fit in there. Flap those rear seats flat and the luggage space increases to a majestic 955 litres. So don’t ever say you don’t know if there will be enough space. I assure you, there is plenty.

The CRV really comes into its own on gravel roads so, if you are planning to use it on the occasional gravel road, its sure footed and very stable, even with the vehicle stability control turned off. The real-time 4×4 system works well and, while it’s nothing like the all-wheel drive system of the forester, it not bad either and should get you through a little sandy road or a muddy one for that matter! The stock 225/65/17’s cope pretty well with all terrain thrown at it; if you plan on venturing further off the beaten path, keep in mind the lower clearance of 185mm


As usual, the interior quality is good and very Honda-like. There is nothing too flashy, but everything is functional and at reach. The audio in this model is obviously nothing too special, but still has adequate volume and clarity. Unfortunately it lacks the USB input we have all come to enjoy of the higher specced models.

For the money, the package is very appealing. It will be hard to beat the Honda in terms of features, ride quality and dealership backup and as we all know, CRV’s sell really well otherwise there would not be that much on our roads today. The only issue could be the lack of power and, while the CRV Comfort, can legally tow up to 1600kw, I can’t see how it will do it comfortably with this  engine layout. So if you are planning on towing, I strongly suggest looking at the diesel, which makes roughly 150nm more.


The CRV is backed by a 3 year 100 000km warranty and a 5 year 90 000km service plan. Services are due every 15 000km.

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