Honda Civic 2.2 Exclusive

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The new Civic really is another piece of eye candy from the Japanese automaker. Come on, seriously, just look at those lines. It still looks like an alien ship ready to attack Earth and I’m guessing it probably will.

Honda claims that the Civic has been redesigned, but why does it still look like a Civic? Have you ever thought about the Honda Civic timeline? I don’t really suspect that you have, but let’s for a moment imagine that you have. The Civic has always been Honda’s top seller.  We’ve had the Ballade and really up until recently, it was really just a rebadged Civic – and to add even more confusion, they came in a variety of sizes, coupes, hatchbacks and sedans.

Thankfully Honda has done away with all of that and has given us this masterpiece. The sharp angular front-end, with day light running lamps and bi-Xenon headlights, are standard on this hi spec exclusive model. As you can imagine, it has also been fitted with every accessory in the options list; from PDC front and rear, to tasty 18inch alloys, which are optional. It even has a gorgeous panoramic roof.

The 2.2 diesel mill is a common rail turbo unit which makes a healthy 110kw and 350nm. This gives the Civic a pretty urgent midrange surge of power, meaning that there is always power available for you to overtake on the highways.  The 6 speed gearbox is a smooth shifter and with all that torque available, you still have a pretty grunty engine when you are in top gear.  This means it will sprint from 0-100kph in under 9 seconds and still do 6l/100km. Coupled with that, crazy low emissions for a diesel at 124g/km.  Top speed is claimed at 217km/h.

The interior is attractive and it’s great to see that it’s still pretty much Honda like. The heated leather seats are power adjustable on the driver side and offer good lateral support. The rear seats can lift and shift around, much like Jazz seats. This brings more space to you, should you need it.

The Exclusive model is fitted with a premium stereo with USB and a rear view reverse camera. Vision is excellent, even at night.  Adding rear PDC to that means that you can squeeze your civic into the tiniest of parking spots without trouble. Honda’s handsfree telephone blue tooth kit is also standard.

Driving the Civic is maybe just a touch confusing. You have this incredibly sporty looking hatchback, lovely alloys and a relatively sporty suspension, but it’s fitted with a diesel engine. It’s not a common combination, but Honda has pulled it off.

The new Civic is definitely something fresh for our roads and a really good looking car. It might still look like the old Civic, but the new car is definitely worth considering if your shopping basket allows the R344 100 price tag.

The Civic 2.2 Exclusive comes standard with a 3 year / 100 000km warranty. For more info, check out

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