Honda Amaze Quick Review

by Stephen de Vries 7,070 views0

I love value for money cars. I love it even more when they are spacious, practical and when they come from a manufacturer with a proven track record.

The new Honda Amaze, previously the Brio Amaze is Honda’s fight for the budget sedan market and I can tell you that it will probably do very good. It’s economical with adequate performance and features a large 420l boot.  It just ticks all the boxes for me… or does it?

You see, I don’t know what it is with the Amaze (and Brio) with the awful beige interior. It’s one of those things that can be so easily remedied from the previous model and yet it still found its way into this new car, which apart from that, Is actually pretty good. So if you like beige, you have a winner. Interior apart, it’s large and swallows my 1,9m frame with ease. The basic radio is easy to use, plays USB with Bluetooth telephony and do all the things a radio should do. Heck, there is even climate control on this model.  

From a build quality point of view, the cabin is finished pretty good with the exception of the boot. The boot lining is thin and I would personally like to see if it could be finished off a little better.

The engine is a 1.2 I-vtec 66kw naturally aspirated little gem, which mated to a 5-speed box just works so well. It’s mainly also due to the light weight of about 900kg which counts in its favor. However, throw in 5 passengers and then it’s a different game altogether. The Amaze will easily run around at highway speeds, but the lack of torque means you will need to stir the gearshift a bit, in typical Honda fashion. Economy figures as low as 5l/100km can easily be attained, but a more realistic 6l/100km is what we ended up with.  

On a safety front, the Amaze features 2 airbags, ABS and EBD.  There is a lack of stability and traction control though, which is a pity.  

With a proven track record from Honda, these should sell very well. There are ample space and impressive road holding also counts in its favour.

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