Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Limited 110th Edition

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‘Big, heavy and totally comfortable’ is what comes to mind with the Electra Glide. It’s one if those bikes you either love or hate and if you are anything like me, you would have noticed by now that if you don’t have one, your motorcycle collection is seriously missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

 Ultra Limited

There is just something about the big ultra that I love. Could it be the comfort, the stability or even just how the styling makes me want to get on and ride off into the sunset? Sure enough, I can probably tell you that it’s a combination of all those things which make this bike a seriously great all-rounder to live with.

 Ultra Limited Dash

If you have taken note and you know your Harley Davidsons, you would have noted the 110 badging all over her and here is the story. This is the hundred and tenth anniversary model, made in limited numbers, with a very special bronze brown and gold color scheme and from the pictures, believe me when i say that she looks even better in real life.

 110th Edition

The Ultra runs on a 17inch front wrapped with a nice and beefy 130/80 tire and the rear is sitting on a 16incher with a 160/85 tire. To explain how stable the Ultra is, is half impossible. I can confess that it will run dead straight in even the worst cross winds and with running weight of 413kg, which is about half of a Golf 1. It might seem difficult to control but is in fact totally opposite. Steering is light and rather precise with a steering rake of 26 degrees. The Ultra may as well ride itself.

IMG_1510 Ultra Front Wheel

This bike is really at home on the open road and it really comes into its own. The 22.7l fuel tank is good for around 400km between fill-ups and probably even further if you enable to cruise control. Creature comforts include a banging Harmon Kardon sound system, cruise control and heated grips. The unmistakable Bat-Wing front view with the 3 lights, which could probably be seen from the moon, gives great night riding visibility and will also increase the day time running visibility.

 Ultra Harmon KardonUltra Screamin Eagles

At the heart of the Ultra, is a 103 cubic cm engine, that’s 1690cc for those who aren’t that familiar with the original term that chums out a rather healthy 130nm. Fitted with aftermarket screaming eagle slip-ons gave it a crisp and loud thunderous sound and, personally, this is what every Harley-Davidson should sound like. The electronic port fuel injection system is precise and the throttle is responsive, even with loaded two up riding. The 6 speed gearbox shifts are smooth and effortless and you really want to short shift and ride the torque wave that really becomes apparent around the 2000rpm mark.
Ultra Limted

The Ultra is fitted with superb Brembo brakes, featuring their “hidden” components and gives it the ultimate stopping power. The brakes are strong and provide plenty of confidence in the wrong situations and, by wrong, I mean those unexpected things that just happen… out of the blue.

 Ultra Controls

Face it, you either love the Ultra or you don’t. We’ve been around them a couple of times and each time we struggle really hard to give them back. The Ultra Classic is just one of those bikes that are really so easy to live with. It defines open road motorcycling.

 Ultra Rear

The Electra Glide Ultra Limted Classic 110th Anniversary has a suggested retail price of R316 000. For more info, head on over to http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_AA/Motorcycles/electra-glide-ultra-limited.html