Five door Corsa Sport Joins Opel’s line up of new Germans

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A resurgent Opel continues with its new product offensive which began locally in January this year with the introduction of the Opel ADAM and the Opel Corsa in February and the Opel Mokka in March. The next addition to the new Germans is a derivative of the new Opel Corsa, a 5 door 110 kW hatchback aimed at the enthusiastic driver.


The Corsa Sport slots in just above three-cylinder 1.0 Litre turbocharged Cosmo model and rounds off a Corsa line-up of five models; namely the 1.0T Cosmo, 1.0T ecoFLEX Enjoy, 1.0T Essentia and 1.4 six speed Automatic. The new model is a dynamic and versatile hatch equipped with a 1.4 turbo-charged ecoTEC engine boasting a 110 kW @5000 RPM and 220 Nm of torque @3 000 RPM. The 1.4 Turbo weighs just 118 kg and features a cast iron block and aluminium cylinder head.

“Opel’s engineers have done an outstanding job with Corsa Sport. It’s an exciting vehicle which looks good without being over the top and of course the driving dynamics exhibit the key characteristics we have come to expect of all our new Germans,” said Christopher Cradock, Opel Brand Manager.

New State of the Art Drivetrain

The Corsa 1.4T Sport is equipped with the latest engine from Opel’s ecoTEC family of small petrol engines. Combining both performance and efficiency, the engine propels the Corsa from a standing start to 0-100 km/h in 9.6 seconds, with a top speed of 204 km/h. The 1.4T Sport’s tested fuel consumption is consumption 7.4 litres per 100 kilometres (urban cycle); 5.1 litres (extra urban) and 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres on the combined cycle.

Some of the engine’s notable features include 16 valve cylinder head with natrium cooled exhaust valves which allow for increased airflow, optimized inlet port, reduced component temperatures thereby increasing performance.


Another key feature of this engine is Double CamPhaser (D – CVCP) for increased airflow and optimized valve timing. This feature allows for reduced fuel consumption and increased performance.

Furthermore as is the trend with Opel for downsizing engines, turbocharging is used to create low end torque enabling longer ratios to reduce fuel consumption and increase driver enjoyment.

Fuel consumption is further reduced by optimizing oil pressure, reducing friction and controlling engine heat up and cooling.

The Corsa Sport comes with a six speed manual transmission with synchronised gears, including reverse, with short shift travel. The gearbox has a cable shift system for improved shiftability, sync reverse gear, hydraulic clutch actuation, and low viscosity oil.


To further optimize the ride and handling performance of the Corsa, the front suspension geometry has been optimized via changes on the front knuckle to improve vehicle roll behaviour, steering response and understeer behaviour. The vehicle has a lower centre of gravity, and front spring rates adapted to axle loads to improve vehicle ride and pitch behaviour.

The changes are engineered to offer a significant improvement in ride, more stable and safe handling, better steering feel and precision as well as an improved NVH-behaviour.

To further improve refinement, the new Corsa has a Neutral Torque Axis (NTA) engine mounting system with two load carrying mounts to the body and one torque mount attached to the sub frame. This system contributes to the driving comfort, improves fuel economy since idle can be lowered, has excellent idle shake insulation performance and improves the NVH behaviour.


The 2015 Corsa Sport comes with subtle OPC_Line Kit add-ons for customers who want to show their sporty ambitions. The standard kit includes front and rear bumper extensions, side rocker mouldings, sporty exhaust tip, and carbon look outside rear view mirror covers.


Sculptural harmonious surfaces and graceful flowing lines are key elements in the design of the new Corsa’s interior. The sculptural wing-shaped instrument panel (IP) top-pad is enhanced by the presence of an all new leather covered flat bottom sport steering wheel with silver bezel, alloy sports pedals, leather gear shift knob from the Corsa OPC. OPC Handbrake lever and jet black leather.

The cloth covered Moonray Sports seats are designed for comfort and support during spirited driving with a pattern that adds to the ambience of the cabin.

Additional features include 17 inch Dark Titanium wheels. A comprehensive range of 15 exterior colours, 5 solid and 10 metallic.


When it was launched, the 5th generation Corsa emphasised affordability and value for money by bringing inspiring design, innovating technology and an engaging drive to the youth. The Corsa Sport benefits from all the features found in this range which adds to the appeal of the vehicle as a high performance vehicle for young people with standard driver assistance, safety and infotainment features.

The comprehensive list of safety features found standard in the Corsa Sport includes:

An Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system which is very progressive in operation. It reacts almost imperceptibly for the driver (sensitive ESC), according to the driving situation, thus avoiding negative effects on the dynamics as much as possible

Traction Control (TC) is standard in the Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The primary goal of Traction Control is to prevent wheel slip, which is what happens when a tyre freely moves against a road surface without gaining traction. Traction Control prevents wheels that are slipping from spinning during acceleration

Straight line Stability (SLS) and Brake Assist System (BAS), is a braking technology that increases braking pressure in an emergency situation. BAS is designed to give the driver a higher deceleration gain than would be possible from the regular brake system booster.

The ESP integrated BAS is a first rate technology to fulfil the coming regulations for pedestrian protection. Even unskilled drivers can achieve shorter braking distances under all circumstances.

Additional Driver Assistance features included as part of the option pack:

The new Corsa not only offers a new driving experience with improved comfort and precision thanks to its new chassis and steering systems – it also makes driving easier and safer with advanced assistance systems. Particularly in hectic city driving conditions, they help the driver in a variety of ways.

At the touch of a button, the standard-fitment City Mode increases power assistance at lower speeds, which is particularly useful when manoeuvring in congested urban areas.

Many of the Corsa Sport’s driver assistance systems are unrivalled in its class. These include 25 Watt bi-xenon headlamps with cornering light control and LED daytime running lights. The static cornering lights are triggered when the indicators are activated or when reverse gear is selected, providing added illumination of corners and obstacles.

This impressive system, that so far has only been available in vehicles in higher segments, offers improved lighting range, brightness and colour intensity – a decisive plus for visibility and safety. In addition, it offers lower power consumption and a much longer service life. The bi-xenon headlights are mated to an auto-dimming interior mirror, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlight control.

Opel’s new-generation Advanced Park Assist 2 (APA2), available as an option on Enjoy, Cosmo derivatives and Sport, identifies suitable parking spaces under 30 km/h and automatically parks the vehicle, without the driver touching the wheel. The ultrasonic sensor-based system, which uses front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera, measures parallel or perpendicular parking spots, calculates the vehicle’s trajectory and automatically steers the Corsa into a space. The driver just controls acceleration, deceleration and gear selection.

APA2 partners with Side Blind Spot Alert, which also uses the ultrasonic sensors to warn the driver of an imminent collision when changing lanes. The sensors have a range of three metres to the left and right of the car, enabling them to detect objects or other vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. Whenever another vehicle comes within range of the sensors, a warning LED illuminates in the relevant exterior door mirror. Impressively, the system is active up to 140 km/h.

The Corsa Sport has six airbags and a 5 Star NCAP safety

More connectivity and convenience for meaningful innovation

  • Opel’s award-winning IntelliLink infotainment system, which brings the connected world of smartphones and apps into the car, is available as an option on Enjoy and Essentia models, and standard on Cosmo and Sport. IntelliLink is fully compatible with the latest Android and Apple iOS-based smartphones.
  • IntelliLink has a standard seven-inch colour touchscreen and its home page provides access to five major functions: phone, audio, gallery, settings and apps. Audio streaming via Bluetooth and USB also includes Gracenote music management and identification technology.
  • BringGo is IntelliLink’s navigation app. It can be easily downloaded from the phone’s app store and, once downloaded, the map data remains installed on the user’s smartphone, which means Corsa owners do not need an ongoing smartphone broadband connection to use the BringGo navigation system. BringGo solely uses the smartphone’s GPS to locate the Corsa. BringGo also provides functionality for live traffic updates, accident information, Points of Interest (POIs) and Google search.
  • The Stitcher app is a useful global podcast internet radio service which lets users listen to programmes live, or after they have been broadcast. Once Stitcher is downloaded to the smartphone, Corsa owners can access more than 10 000 podcasts on demand, including radio shows and live stations from around the world, via the Corsa’s IntelliLink touchscreen.
  • With access to a global network of 70 000 radio stations, the TuneIn app has the power to offer entertainment to suit the tastes of every listener. The integration of Apple iOS devices within IntelliLink also enables Siri Eyes Free voice control. This makes it possible for drivers to make calls, play music, send and receive messages and emails with received messages read out aloud, and access calendar functions like set alarms, check reminders or respond to meeting requests – all with their eyes on the road and hand on the wheel.

Model Line-up and Pricing:

Corsa 1.0T Essentia                          R 185 500

Corsa 1.0T Enjoy                              R 216 200

Corsa 1.4 Enjoy AT                          R216 500

Corsa 1.0T Cosmo                            R 236 300

Corsa 1.4 T Sport                            R 255 200


Option Packages:

Corsa Essentia Option Pack 1: Radio with Bluetooth & USB, AC              R 12,200

Corsa Essentia Option Pack 2: IntelliLink, AC, 15″ styled wheels              R 15,600

Corsa Enjoy Option Pack 1: IntelliLink                                          R 4,000

Corsa Enjoy Option Pack 2: IntelliLink, Advanced Park Assist 2               R 8,000

Corsa Cosmo and Sport Option Pack 1: Advanced Park Assist 2 and Side Blind Zone Alert                                                               R 5,000