Datsun Go Lux

by Stephen de Vries 7,072 views0

Aah, the Datsun Go… a car disliked by many journalists when it was first introduced a couple of years ago. Fair enough though, it was very affordable but was really criticized for its lack in safety and quality.

Fast forward a few years and the Go has been totally transformed. I cant believe this is the same car and to be frank, while this “lux” model is priced nearly double of what the original one debut’d for it’s a completely different car.

From the outside, the car looks sporty. The funky paint, with DLR’s, good looking alloys, a big boot wing and a cute looking exhaust has this car flaunting its style. I really think it will appeal to a younger demographic. Even the interior has been updated with power windows all around, an Android looking and feeling interface, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard is also pretty cool.  The interior is pretty spacious too, considering its size and I had no problem getting my 1.9m frame behind the wheel. Speaking of, the steering wheel is not adjustable, which had me a little disappointed.

The 1.2l 3 cylinder engine is eager to rev and the 50kw makes enough grunt to get the Go upto highway speeds. Its pretty frugal too if you keep it under 100kph, above that expect figures around the 15km/l mark.

The biggest improvement is in the safety department and the Go now features TWO airbags, VDC and ABS. Even when testing emergency braking, the Go faired pretty well and stopped better than a Chevvy Spark we tested a few years ago.

The Go is no newcomer in this segment but has a lot of work to do to win back the hearts of the media. I feel it has a fair amount of value, but is still a little expensive with cars like the i10 being a better choice in my opinion.

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Huge improvement over the previous model.
2 Airbags


A little pricey.
Lots of competition.