Datsun Go CVT

by Stephen de Vries 1,120 views0

The Datsun Go, when launched back in 2014 was the country’s cheapest car. Fast forward 6 years later, it’s bloated more than double in price, received two airbags, ABS and wait for it, a CVT transmission.

Im not entirely mad at it, it does what it says on the box. What I really don’t like is that for the money, there are better cars, with better and more refined engines available too.

So where do we start?  While I am taking in all the specifications and browsing around on the Datsun website, I can’t help but think how Datsun will retarget me with Go Ads for the next couple of weeks and honestly, I don’t think I will survive it.

The engine, it’s still a vibey 3 cylinder, making around 50kw and when mated to the CVT it is sort of alright. I still prefer it in manual guise where I can decide to stir the gears. Open road cruising the CVT helps the rpm fall down to an impressive 2000rpm at around 120kph, but this all changes when you touch the accelerator. In town overall economy is around the 11km/l and we did about 14km/l on the open road, far from the claimed 18km/l. 

Now that it has ABS, the sense of safety is there and feels rather impressive at speeds around 60kph, when bumped to 80kph, things change a little, but this is also to be expected with this segment.

The interior is cramped and non-adjustable steering does not help my 1.9m frame. I’ve been in smaller cars that had more room (aka the Kwid). It does feature 4 power windows with a one-touch power down for the driver and 2 speakers upfront with a relatively familiar media system.  The seats are 4 way adjustable and feel hard and cheap. Overall build quality is much lower than that of a Micra.

At R187 900, this car is not cheap. It does have a 6 year/150 000km warranty which would put you mind at ease in the long run. I just can’t see anybody owning it that long.

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