Chevrolet Spark LT Sport

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When Chevrolet gave us the little spark last year I was impressed with how this little car could offer such good value. Not only was it small, well specced and relatively economical, it was also priced very well.

Chev Spark

Well, Chev has taken that, and specced it up some more, but the original recipe has stayed the same.

Chev Spark

Under the hood, the little Spark is still powered by the 1.2l, double overhead cam engine, producing a rather healthy 60kw. The engine seems eager to rev and maybe feels a little buzzy around 120kph, but that does not slow it down. It’s one of the few little cars which will actually run well above the legal speed and be very happy to stay there all day. Fuel economy is also claimed at 4.5l/100km extra urban, but i suspect that it’s closer to about 5.5 to 6 liters a hundred driving 120kph. We managed to do 450km to the reserve on the small 35l tank.

Chev Spark Engine

The interior on this sport model has been spiced up from last year and they’ve added a couple of different interior trim option, namely leather-type seats which are color matched to inlays on the dash. This can be specified when you order the spark and, as you can see, our car was finished in a bright red. This gave the car a funky and sporty feeling. Perhaps a little to sporty for what it is, but stylish, yes.

Chev Spark Interior

I don’t mean this in a bad way. One could mistake the spark to be a hot hatch and, well, you would be mistaken. However, the look it portrays is downright funky and fresh.

Chev Spark Rear

The radio has been upgraded from the previous model to a 6 speaker unit with USB and steering wheel controls. Speaker output is also greatly improved; at last you can get some decent volume from the speakers and now you can really enjoy your music at higher volumes.

Chev Spark Radio

The spark is also fitted with 4 airbags, 2 in the front and 2 that are fitted in the seats. Anti-lock braking is also standard, however only to the front disks as the rear wheels are fitted with drum brakes.

Chev Spark Speedo

The wheels have been changed to tasteful 15 inch alloys with a different design to that of last year, with maybe a little narrow for my liking 165/60 tires. The wheels and the sporty front and rear apron looks very good and make the Spark look rather aggressive. Mmmm, we like it lots!

Chev Spark Wheels

The top of the range Spark is a good alternative to that being offered by the other manufacturers and there is nothing out there as funky and fresh as the Spark LT Sport. It does come with the premium price of R136 900 and the usual GM warranties apply.

Chev LT Rear

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