Bmw 420i Gran Coupe

by Stephen de Vries 2,424 views0

The 4 Series, in my opinion, is one of those models in the BMW lineup that just stand out. There are so many 3’s on the roads, they’ve become stale to a point and the 4 series in facelifted trim really bring more flavor to the mix. The Gran Coupe we have here is a whole different ball game altogether, especially from a styling point of view.

If you had to look quickly, you would probably overlook the rear slant back completely and to me its done very well. The styling cues are not as noticeable as the GT models, where you know it’s not the same model, the 4 Series Gran Coupe, on the other hand, hide it so well and when you choose it in the right color, it looks amazing. Hello, Snapper BLUE.

The interior has some slight changes with a better quality multimedia screen and as with all BMW’s they all get customised when you order them, so going through the spec sheet would be completely pointless. Just know not to ever order your Beemer without the Harmon Kardon sound, whatever you do. The rear space, with the swooping roofline, is a little tighter for taller passengers, but how often do you throw somebody with a 1.9meter frame in the back? The boot space, on the other hand, makes up for this and you have an impressive 480l, as per all 3 and 4 series cars, but your loading room is much, much larger giving you more area to load bigger items.

This Msport equipt model with its adjustable suspension has typical BMW like driving manners and feels like a true drivers car, even though all things considered, it’s only a 2.0l, 4 banger. The ride is sporty but still comfortable and its definitely something I could live with every day, even with the low profile run flat tires.

I don’t really get that excited about the 135kw, 270nm engine in this car, but all things considered, it’s really a very driveable engine, with enough power for the average joe. When coming from something like an N54 3.0 Twin Turbo as found in anything with X40i badge, sure it will be slow and feel painful, but after a day or so, I was actually surprised. The biggest surprise was the impressive fuel economy with low 6l/100km, easily attainable and when giving it stick, numbers don’t really jump up much higher than 9l/100km.

Like most of my colleagues, I agree that the 4 series Gran Coupe is a niche vehicle, especially also since its a fair bit more expensive than the same model in 3 series trim. When you add things like the Msport kit, you are already nearing the R680 000 price mark and to only have it in a 2.0 petrol would be a shame. I’d probably opt for something with a bit more vooma like the 40i or go with a diesel variant.