Audi A4 1.4 TFSI S-Line

by Stephen de Vries 2,062 views0

The new B9 A4 has graced our shores a couple of months ago. The new A4 also features Audi’s new signature Axe like LED Daylight running lamps which reminds us of the beautiful R8, which has also just been replaced with a newer model. But back to the matter at hand.


The baby A4, here in 1.4 TSFI guise comes in at the bottom, but from spending decent time behind the wheel, there is nothing bottom line about this A4. The cabin is mainly filled with rich leather, Lcd’s and a decent Audi system. This 1.4 might only make 110kw but is also mated to a 7-speed S-Tronic  gearbox, which seems to work so well together. The 1.4 never feels lazy off the line and midrange feels much like a larger capacity engine.  The overall fuel economy is also impressive with figures hovering around the 6l/100km mark, giving you a decent range from the 54l fuel tank.


The new a4 is also 25mm longer than its outgoing model with more headroom and rear legroom available to its occupants. The boot space is about on par with the BMW and C-Class, sitting at a healthy 480l.  The interior feels much more Q7 like than what I remembered the B8 to be like. It’s honestly a great improvement over the older model too.  The clever 7” TFT display which runs the speedo and on board computer, also doubles up as a large navigation screen which is optional and it was really refreshing to have a map up close and personal.


Audi claims you can get the 1.4 A4 to 100kph in about 8.5seconds and will run on to a maximum limited speed of 210kph. Like I previously mentioned, the A4 has enough usable power to cope with its 1450kg weight, but can also be caught off-guards and combined with slight turbo lag.


Drive-Select is also available with all its modes. This indeed does change how the vehicle behaves in certain conditions. For a much more sedate drive, eco is in order and overall performance is not as lethargic as you might think, at least trying to better-claimed consumption can be fun right?


The new A4 might not look all new and completely redesigned as we were promised, but it remains that Audi has brought a strong competitor to the table to take the axe to BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Ergonomically the Audi has the best  (youngest) interior for me with the coolest gadgets.

The 1.4TSFI retails R492 000 and price as tested R608 000. While ticking the extra boxes will work out expensive, especially with all the options available, you need to decide what you need and what you will actually use.  But for now, the A4 remains a worthy competitor and will stay that way for years to come.