Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

by Stephen de Vries 17,693 views0

Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Say that again. That is about as long as it takes this super SUV to sprint from to 100kph.

All things considered in the era of madness and sport utility vehicles making a mammoth 500hp which was just reserved for supercars, not too long ago.  The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is just a little different if you will, it has a completely kind of flair going for it.

Under the bonnet, with shark-like gills, I might add is a 2.9l Ferrari inspired bi-turbo making a very healthy 375kw. The zero to one hundred times are claimed at sub 3 Seconds and for a vehicle without any form of official launch control, this is really impressive. The engine feels rather laggy, but power is delivered in a hard and rewarding way right up top. The driving experience is very rally-cross like, all guns blazing, click up on the beautiful aluminum steering mounted shifter which is followed by an acoustic explosion out the back of those quad exhausts. You just keep this going until you either get bored or you run out of fuel. It’s usually the latter.

The interior is minimalistic and the carbon inlays just add to the alfa flair. The beautiful carbon trim steering with the start button mounted on it is nothing but supercar inspired. It just sets the tone for anybody who is like myself, who loves driving cars with emotion. The Alfa is all about this, its an emotional connection right from the start and I love it.

There are some cabin short comings though multimedia is dated and lacks intuitivity. The base audio system is also not up to my liking, but this is soon forgotten when you hit the start button. The standard sport seats are leather and Alcantara and the pedals are aluminium. The seats are upgradeable to full carbon but we’ve heard mixed opinions about this.

On the safety front, the car is pretty well specced. Things like lane departure and autonomous braking are standard. Blindspot monitoring, hill descent control is standard also. The 20inch wheels and 6 pot brakes are powerful and more than adequate. The vehicle relies on a torque vectoring system that will send power to where it needs it. In race mode, the rear end can become very playful. Race mode also deactivates all safety, so beware if you are inexperienced.

Overall the Stelvio has a real Jekyll and Hyde personality. Leave it normal and you would never know that it has 500 plus horsepower. However, the dynamic mode is probably where you want to be if you like driving enthusiastically. If you brave the Race mode, it will even kindly remind you to please shift to manual mode to get the most out of it, mmm nice.

In the 500hp super compact Suv, there is also a lot of competition from the German rivals. However, as much as I love some of those brands for their overall quality and built, I feel that the Alfa truly offers something bespoke in a beautiful design. I’ve personally seen about 3 Stelvio Quadrifoglios over the last year in the Cape alone and that to me speaks exclusivity.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio starts off at R1 679 000, you just need to decide if you are buying with your heart, or your head.