2012 Honda Accord 2.2 I-Dtec

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Honda Accord diesel

Why are there so few Honda accords on the roads? I mean, the car is priced really well and the top of the range exclusive models come full house! All I see are C classes and 3 series’ on the roads – where are all the Accords? Are we just in an ‘I’ll follow what you are doing’ trend? Or is my wallet fatter than yours?

For starters, the Honda Accords 2.2 I-Dtec Executive comes from the factory with everything you could ever need. Your 2 settings for the memory seats, park distance control on the front and the rear, full multi-function steering wheel, car info centre, 10 speaker premium audio with blue tooth, aux input and USB facilities, bi-xenon headlights with level controls, front heated seats, dual stage climate control… wow, I can go on and on and on. This Honda really is one of the best cars in this segment that we’ve driven yet.

The Accord features a 2.2 common rail turbo diesel engine that produces 132kw and 380nm of torque. This is mated to a close ratio 6speed manual gearbox that is extremely smooth. As with most diesel cars today, they are all refined and very fuel efficient. On average the Accord steps in at about 6.2l/100km but can be brought down to about 5.5l/100km on the open road. This gives you an enormous tank range on the 65l tank. The car is spacious and comfortable and I can just imagine how it will eat up a long distance Cape Town to Johannesburg type trip. If you are lucky, you might even do it on one tank of diesel.

The audio system is superb and provides enough high end and low end for any genre of music. The little 8inch subwoofer on the back parcel tray does its work brilliantly. The trunk is measured at 467l; big enough for, well, whatever you want to put in there. I can’t see it ever being an issue when you are going away for a weekend. The rear seats also spit forward, just in case you have to load something a little longer than average.

The 18inch high polished wheels with the Michelin 235/45/18 tires provide very little road noise and offer great performance on the road. I was really surprised by the handling of the car, since diesels usually have a tendency to under steer horribly. While there is still a slight hint of under steer with front wheel drives (usually always) the chassis has been braced with a front fender brace. This is really an uncommon sight in a family saloon. It just goes to show that Honda is aiming at the more ‘driver-type’ owners out there.

The Bluetooth phone works well with microphones on both sides of the car, so both the passenger and the driver can converse in the call. Setting up the phone for the 1st time did require me to take out the manual but once that was done it was a piece of cake. Night driving is taken care of by the bi-xenon headlights that really work phenomenally. Right now, this is probably one of the cars with the best headlights that I’ve had the pleasure of driving. Usually night driving can become stressful, but with these lights you can really almost see into the future!


The conclusion

The Honda Accord 2.2 I-Dtec retails at R404 000. Its closest rivals, the BMW 320D is priced the same, however, to get the interior up to the spec of the Honda, will cost you another R60 000. The Mercedes C200 Cdi is a little cheaper at R395 000, but also lacks the accessories of the Honda. This is just proves that the Honda Accord 2.2 I-Dtec is a smoking hot deal!


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