2011 Opel Corsa 1.4 Essentia

by Stephen de Vries 9,193 views0

Everybody knows the Opel Corsa. From when it was released it has always been a hit, especially with the younger crowd. Still today you can still see 1st generation Corsa’s ruling the student campuses along with the other legendary model, the VW Citi Golf. Why?  Because they are affordable and cheap to run; they really are no-fuss cars and usually dependable.

The new entry level Corsa is the 5 door Essentia and, as you guessed, indeed a hatchback. The Corsa’s have changed plenty over the last couple of years and are really setting the trend in the style category. The interior on this base model is pretty decent for what it is. Height adjustable seats, a multifunction steering wheel, which is height and reach adjustable too, front electric windows, and front loading mp3 & wma player all come standard.  There is also an info centre telling you the time, temperature and also the details on the stereo.

The stereo is a 6 speaker unit, with tweeters up top and full range speakers in the front and rear doors. Volume levels are surprisingly good. Usually with entry level cars all you do get is a little bit of volume and a whole lot of distortion. This, at least, goes loud and a little flat in the bass department, but yet there are high volume levels.

Driving the 1.4l fuel injected Corsa around is fun in the city. The gearing is pretty spot on and even on the high ways the 74kw keeps the car up to speed and has it accelerating briskly to the speed limit. Make no mistake, there is still plenty more to pass the speed limit and find yourself with a rather hefty speed fine but should you get into an emergency situation, the ABS will bring things under control quickly with no trouble. With the little hatchbacks being on the lighter and smaller side of the scale you will find that crosswinds will blow you around a plenty, especially in the Cape summers.

The 45l fuel tank will see about 500km to  reserve, but better fuel consumption can be attained by driving a little more careful and speed conscious. At a price of R165 000 the market is pretty open range with a lot of other entry level vehicles in this segment, but knowing the South African market and the dealer backup from General Motors, the Corsa is definitely a good vehicle to put on your shopping list.

The maintenance plan is 60 000km with service every 15 000km and, as per normal, a 3 year warranty comes standard with its 100 000km. Once again the Corsa 1.4 Essentia proves to be a solid entry level car; perfect for the any age, especially the elder generation.  Go have a look, you won’t be disappointed.


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